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Car Rental Jerez

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Car Rental Jerez
Car hire Jerez

Jerez, or Jerez de la Frontera, is near the Capital city of Cadiz. It serves as the gateway to many of the pleasures Andalusia has to offer. Located near El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz and Seville, many claim that Jerez is Andalusia.

Whether that is true or not, Jerez is undeniably the soul of Andalusian horse culture.

Jerez is also one of the birthplaces of Spanish Flamenco, especially of flamenco singing. The barrios of Santiago and San Miguel have produced world-renowned Flamenco artists like Lola Flores and José Mercé.

Another of Jerez claims to fame, where sherry is concerned at least, cannot be disputed by its Andalusian rivals – the word sherry itself is an earlier English corruption of the city’s name. 

In addition to its strong Andalusian past, Jerez is a lively modern city — popular fashion houses occupy historical palaces. Jerez’s cosmopolitan residents enjoy a restaurant scene that blends contemporary with traditional food. The tabaneros pour the local sherry by the cask to the urbane professionals after a day at the office. undiscovered.

The historical centre surrounds the relatively young cathedral and beautiful Alcázar. Here you will find the best tapas and tabaneros, especially in the  Plaza del Arenal or the Plaza de la Yebra. The city’s old quarter is perfect for lazy wandering. It contains some of Jerez’ and all of Andalusia’s most charming neighbourhoods. 

The Circuit de Jerez

Jerez is also one of the homes of Spanish motorsport, having hosted several F1 races, although not since 1997. It is still a favoured track for F1 testing so if you time your holiday right you never know who you could bump into.

If two-wheel racing is your thing, Jerez hosted both the Andalusian and Spanish Grand Prix in 2020, this year. 

If you are a fan, be sure to book early, the city fills up fast for race weeks as do flights and hotels. 

What to see in Jerez with a hire car

Jerez is not a big city although there is plenty to do and in and around town. Here are some things that will keep you and your hire car busy while you explore the city. 

The Alcazar 

The Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera is a beautiful Moorish palace. Built in the 11th century, it is a prime example of the engineering skills of the Moors at the time.  

It is well-known for its vaulted mosque, intricate well system painstakingly planned and planted gardens filled with fragrant trees and elaborate hamam. 

As if this wasn’t enough reason to get you to stop by in your hire car, the camera obscura should appeal to anyone who has taken a photograph or a selfie or fancies their skills behind the lens.

The Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura takes advantage of the Alcazar’s position at the highest vantage point in the ancient city and is in the tower, the highest point in the palace.

Jerez’s Camera Obscura is a system of two lenses and a large periscopic mirror at the top of the tower. It is controlled by a pair of wooden levers and projects live, real-time images of the surrounding town onto a large parabolic table. 

Given the way we manipulate, edit, filter and compress digital images daily, the image the lenses cast onto the table is shockingly high quality. The mirror can swivel and zoom in on the tiniest of details from the city below.  

The historical buildings, flying birds, passing cars and even people are clearly visible. The camera gives you the impression of being a sorcerer or even one of the old gods watching life transpire from afar.

Check it out, it is well worth the short drive, and once you are done you can hop in the hire car for tapas in the old quarter.

Bodegas Tio Pepe sherry distillery 

Just minutes in the hire car away from the Alcazar, take the time to visit the storage cellars of Tio Pepe. Tio Pepe is one of Jerez de la Frontera’s most well-known wineries and sherry distillers. It has been in Jerez since 1841.

The people of Jerez have been enjoying the local sherry for much longer.  Winemaking in the Iberian peninsula goes as far back as the Phoenician era. Jerez de la Frontera hosts some of the most established sherry-making bodegas in the world.

While many know that you can take a tour and enjoy a relaxed tasting of Tio Pepes products, not many are familiar with an odd tradition the winery has.

Jerez drinking mice

As tradition tells it, a winery worker decided that it wasn’t right that he could enjoy the sherry he was producing, but the local mice could not. He built a small ladder up into a large glass of sherry, so he did not have to share from his own glass.

While it is more likely that the glass and ladder were placed to avoid contamination and damage to the large Solera casks the sherry is aged in, the glass and ladder remain, and you can often spot a mouse taking advantage of the free booze. The glass is still refilled daily by the workers at Tio Pepe.

Plaza de la Asuncion

Plaza de la Ascunción is one of Jerez’s most beautiful spaces and home to two of the city’s most beautiful buildings. The 15th century Iglesia Dionisio and the Antiguo Cabildo, or former town hall building, dated 1575, dominate the square.

In the centre, the 1952 pillar depicting the Asuncion overlooks the action below. The architecture here contains Gothic, Renaissance and a 1950s Spanish deco vibe.

You can spend hours in the Plaza de la Asuncion, sipping sherry outside the many quaint restaurants that line square.

Plaza de la Yebra

Just up from Plaza de la Ascunción is Plaza de la Yebra. It is another beautiful square with an entirely different vibe. Where Plaza de la Ascunción has a grandeur and architecture, Plaza de la Yebra is an excellent spot for tapas. It is shaded by tall trees and has a more relaxed, even romantic vibe. The Plaza is cool even in the height of summer.

There are a number of places you must visit here but start with the local favourite — La Cruz Blanca, with its roomy outdoor terrace and excellent local dishes. 

Park the hire car nearby and spend an afternoon strolling the old town. These two fine old squares will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Day trips from Jerez with a hire car

Once you have had a few days to unwind and adjust to Andalusian time, you will probably want to take advantage of your hire car and venture farther afield. Here are some great places to visit within a couple of hours of Jerez.


Cadiz is 22 km away from Jerez towards the ocean. You really can’t spend time in Jerez with a hire car and not plan at least a day trip to Cadiz, Andalusia’s capital. Cadiz, like the rest of Andalusia, is an unpretentious historical treasure on the coast which boasts excellent seafood, Blue Flag beaches and no shortage of history. You can’t really see it all in a day, so spend the night if you can and try to do it right.

Cadiz is perfect for an indulgent holiday with a holiday. Spent your morning at the castle, your day on a sun lounger, and enjoy a delicious, outdoor Spanish meal in the evenings.

Castle of San Sebastián in Cádiz

First, check out the Castle of San Sebastián in Cádiz. Its lighthouse has early Muslim origins, but the actual fort was constructed around 1706. When you visit the castle, half the fun is getting there along the stone causeway called Paseo Fernando Quiñones that joins it to the city.

You will really enjoy the view to the city along the walk. The castle itself has a rather checkered past. Because it is separate from the city, it has been a fort, a quarantine and even a prison. It is a much more pleasant place to visit now, with frequent exhibitions and concerts held there.

It was even featured as a location in the James Bond film Die Another Day.

Playa La Caleta and Playa de la Victoria. 

Once you have checked out the castle in Cadiz, the next stop in the hire car has to be the beach. There are a few to choose from, but if you only have a day, try the Playa La Caleta or Playa de la Victoria.

Both beaches are fantastic but offer a different experience. The Playa de la Caleta is a smaller beach filled with locals against the backdrop of boats and beach umbrellas. It is a Blue Flag beach and well-rated as family-friendly.

Along the western side of Cádiz is the 2.9 kilometre-long Playa de la Victoria. It is often mentioned in the company of Europe’s top city beaches and is undoubtedly one of the best in Spain.

 It’s just as popular as Playa La Caleta, but bigger so it never feels as crowded. It has a number of excellent facilities if you are active. There are volleyball courts and an outdoor gym — while you work out, the kids can run wild at one of the playgrounds.

Once your day is done, you don’t have far to go to the Paseo Marítimo. It is a beautiful Promenade lined with bars and chiringuitos (beachside restaurants). It is a great place to relax and watch the sun fall as evening takes its place.

El Caminito del Rey

Although it is 168 km from Jerez and a two-and-a-half-hour drive in your hire car, this may be one of the most exciting things you have ever done on holiday. The Caminito del Rey is a terrifying path hanging 100m of the cliff above the Guadalhorce reservoir. It passes through the beautiful El Chorro Gorge.

The Walk of Death

The Caminito del Rey, or the kings little path, was first opened in 1905 for labourers. In 1921 it was improved and reopened for public use by King Alfonso XXIII. Considered hazardous it was closed in the 1980s. It became well known amongst adventurers as the walk of death, especially after some fatalities in the mid-1990s.

In 2015m the path was reopened after a full reconstruction, honouring the original 1921 path as closely as possible. In some sections, you can still see broken portions of the original path clinging to the cliff below.

The path is 8.1 Km long and it can take 5 hours to make a complete loop. Pack for a long day in the hire car and don’t even think to attempt it if you suffer vertigo.

Although it is no longer the most dangerous path in the world, it certainly feels like it could be.

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