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Car Rental Menorca

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Car Rental Menorca
Car hire Menorca

There are so many adjectives used to describe Menorca, the smallest and most unsung of the Balearic Islands. Words like paradise, unspoiled and pristine. The beaches are said to be covered in golden sand, and the waters are a crystal turquoise. 

Guess what? The rumours are true. Menorca is all these things and more.

Menorca is the lesser of its two sisters Ibiza and Mallorca in size. It certainly doesn’t stand in their shadows when it comes to natural beauty, history or quality of life.

With its International Airport just 4.5km from Mahon, the capital, Menorca is easy to get to. It has connections to many locations in Spain. Menorca has direct flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and the Canary Islands. This is in addition to international connections to the UK and most of Europe.

Once you are here, you won’t regret it.

The emphasis on sustainable tourism has been quietly gaining traction for years. Menorca has been a haven for hiking, biking and watersports lovers. The islands gentle terrain makes these activities accessible to all ages.

For history buffs, the island is littered with stone monuments dating back many centuries, if not thousands of years. You can hike along coastal paths that have been in use since the island was first populated.

The water is Menorca’s biggest asset, though. You can spend days exploring the coast swimming, diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, or even hanging out in your li-lo. 

Menorca has a slower pace than the rest of the Balearic. Nightlife is there if you want it, but it takes a back seat to the natural charm of the island. The island’s dance scene is located primarily in Mahon and Ciutadella, and it does get some acts in from Ibiza. If you do go out, go out late, or you may find yourself alone on the dance floor.

There is also no shortage of places to eat, especially in Mahon. Menorca’s seafood is exceptional, but if you crave something a little more international, it is all there for the taking.

What to see in Menorca with a hire car

Although the island is only 60 km in length, there are plenty of things to see and plenty of places to take your hire car. These are just some of the adventures Menorca has to offer:

Mahon Port

Mahon Port isn’t much of a drive in the hire car, especially if you are staying in the capital, but it is well worth seeing. It isn’t your average Spanish small town, harbour. It is the world’s second deepest natural port

The port overlooks the town from afar, and the views are spectacular. The landscape unfolds in front of you in full panorama. 

Mahon Harbour

The long stairway down to the harbour-front takes you right to the sea. Once down there, the atmosphere is relaxed. From the harbour front, you can enjoy a great selection of boutique shops, restaurants and bars. If you are feeling adventurous and don’t have much to do for the rest of the day, check out the distillery famous for its Menorca gin

You can visit Mahon Port either by boat or hire car. If you do drive, its recommended you park and take the harbour tour. It is a one-hour boat ride that gives you a great perspective on both the history and the development of Menorca as a whole.

Because of Mahon Port’s natural depth, you may get to sip a cold drink while watching a cruise ship dock. If the cruise ships aren’t there, just sit and watch the harbour’s colourful fish population swim lazily offshore. 

There is plenty to do in Mahon Port, but the harbour-front is definitely the highlight. Take a stroll along the walkway and just enjoy the day.

Naveta d’es Tudons

Located off the west coast of the island about 2km out of Ciutadella, Naveta d’es Tudons is well worth a short drive in the hire car to visit. It is over 3000 years old and has kept archaeologists amazed at how well it has fared over the millennia. 

It is open to the public daily so you can visit this reminder of just how far back Menorca’s past extends any time you want. It is a remarkable monument

Built in the shape of an upside-down boat, it is believed the naveta, or vessel was first constructed as a communal funeral chamber or tomb. It was constructed using connected stones, without any mortar to fix them together. 

Tudon’s legendary beginnings

Modern legend would have it that two giants were fighting over a young girl. They agreed upon a challenge. One giant was to dig a well while the other constructed the naveta. As one giant was about to place the last stone, the other giant found water. The jealous giant threw the last stone at his rival and struck and killed him then killed himself out of remorse. The girl was said to have died alone and was buried in the naveta.

Whatever its origins, the navetas on Menorca remained a site of superstition for centuries, and it is only recently that the island’s inhabitants would venture anywhere near them. This may be why the structure has survived as long as it has.  

When the naveta was finally excavated, human bodies along with bronze jewellery, ancient weapons, ceramic bowls precious ornaments were found.

It is a strange and beautiful structure, and if you don’t mind walking back as it gets dark, it is worth it to watch the sunset over this lonely monument. It is only a 200-meter walk back to the hire car.

Cami de Cavalls

If you are really up for an adventure, you may want to park the hire car and trek the Cami de Cavalls.  

Called one of the world’s best outdoor museums, this ancient path around the island of Menorca traverses the island’s many diverse ecosystems. 

On the trek you can see hundreds of species of wildlife, some of them endangered and to be found nowhere else in the world. The 185 kilometres of walkway through the Biosphere Reserve seem to present endless new vistas. You can do the trail either by bicycle or on foot.

 In addition to the huge variety of wildlife, the path is full of history as it moves you past ancient watchtowers, ruins, lighthouses and hidden caves.

Prepare well, it is a long trek, and there aren’t any convenience stores along the way.

Cala Pregonda

If you rented a car to get off the beaten path on Menorca, Cala Pregonda is precisely what you had in mind. It is an unspoiled sheltered cove dotted by tiny red and gold stone islets like an enchanted lagoon.

The Cala Pregonda is a unique beach experience. Located on the northern coast of Menorca, it has a sister beach nearby, but this is the one you want to visit. 

The golden rock landscapes rise up on one side of the sand, trees and lush forest border its other end. The sandy beach joins them in the middle. 

You can get there by hire car, but you will have to get out and walk for a half-hour to hit the sand. If you want to get nautical, you can get to Cala Pregonda by sea, either by boat, kayak or jet ski. 

The beach is part of Menorca’s growing natural tourism initiative. No conveniences or concessions spoil its natural beauty.  Please take your trash with you so others can enjoy this unspoiled place.  Leave nothing behind.

Perhaps as a last bonus, clothing is optional here, so feel free to get your kit off and get your nature on.

If you booked an airport pick-up for your hire car with, you can collect your car in the airport car park after check-in.

The fuel policy for your car hire depends on what you selected while pre-booking online. With, most of our rentals come with a full-to-full fuel policy. This means you pick the car up with a full tank of gas and refill the tank before returning the car. 

A full-to-full fuel policy ensures that you pay the real cost of the fuel you use, not the marked-up rate some car hire suppliers charge.

You generally return your hire car in Menorca to the car rental office where you picked it up. If you had an airport pick up, you return it to the airport. If you picked up your car offsite, you return it there.

Finally, If you wish to drop your car off at another location, we recommend you pre-book a one-way rental with before you travel.

No, you must be a minimum of 21 years old to rent a car in Menorca although some car hire suppliers require you are at least 23. Any main driver under the age of 25 could need to purchase extra insurance.

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